A Workshop on ‘Athletic Taping for Injury Prevention and Sports Performance’ was organized by the Ministry of Health in Collaboration with George Steuart Health, sponsored by GSH partner company, Mueller Sports Medicine on 23rd January 2018. The event was held at the National Hospital Auditorium in Colombo and was well attended by over 35 Sports Medicine Doctors.

Mueller Sports Medicine (USA) is an international corporation providing Sports medicine solutions to athletes at all skill levels. Working closely with athletes, Mueller couples knowledge of sports and pharmacology to step beyond training room supplies into perfected sports medicine products that truly benefits athletes.

The training was conducted by Prof. Joel Luedke – Director of Athletic Training & Sports performance at the University of Wisconsin and Asst. Athletic trainer, Oklohoma State University. Prof. Joel holds an MSe from the University of Kansas and a BSc in Kinesiology, Athletic Training – University of Wisconsin-Madison.